oh, Sister and bad ass jeans

Here we go…my First review of a couple gems I have found.

Charlotte and Ezra and Raxtin Denim

TOP: Charlotte and Ezra has the most adorable t-shirts made of a super soft cotton. Imagine, your favorite over worn t-shirt from college and that is how soft it feels. FIT: is true to size maybe even on the slim side. LAUNDER: Printing has held up perfectly through many washes. I do not do anything special when I wash clothes. Seriously, everything goes in together and I use warm water. No issues with fading or shrinking.

BOTTOM: Raxtin has hands-down some of the most bad ass jeans for children. Every season, I buy one of every new style of jeans, because they usually always sell out. Then you are begging Moms on the VIP site to sell or trade you. FIT: True to size the material is a lightweight denim, has stretch. Waistband can be cinched up if needed. LAUNDER: These jeans get washed with everything without any issues but I do not put them in the dryer. When I have put them in the dryer they do seem to shrink a bit. Remembering not to dry them is difficult for me. Just note that it is better if they lay flat to dry.

Raxtin Denim

SHOES: Vans Toddler Old Skool V. FIT: true to size. Can anything be cuter then these. They are great casual play shoes, Velcro is strong.

Hope this gave you some useful information on the brands. The links for the products mentioned are listed.

Vans Toddler Old Skool V

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Just a Wife and a Mom learning from my many mistakes. Being a Mom is my greatest JOY. Sharing information on the little Gems we find has become a bit of a passion project. Enjoy the reviews. XO

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