Potty Training AKA Schedule a carpet cleaning.

Couple months ago I had the great idea to start potty training G. Not sure why, she screamed whenever I mentioned her sitting on it. She couldn’t tell me if she needed to use the bathroom or even pull down/up her pants to go. Mom friends made potty training seem so easy though. How difficult can it really be to teach a little human to not pee their pants? Just give a mini piece of chocolate, make a potty dance or they will just want to use it on their own. Easy, shouldn’t take more then two days. DONE.

So, I did not read any special books or know what method I was going to use. I did watch one IG story highlight from Dr. Organic Mommy. This kinda gave me some good guidelines to follow and a lot of encouragement. Dr. Organic Mommy seemed like a potty training ninja and just gave it to me step-by-step what I needed to do. The other pre-potty tool I did was download this app on my phone for G to play with. It just kinda made the potty something fun. Full of knowledge, a tad bit naive and ready to go.

Start date was one random afternoon. Naked from the waist down, here-we-go. Not as many accidents as I expected and G really liked all of the praise she was getting. So like her Mama, words of affirmation for the WIN. G, also thought it was super cool to dump it all in the toilet. Diaper back on at bedtime. The first day seemed to be successful. Day two, so many accidents. I was over it by noon. Day three, same, so many accidents. G, wanted nothing to do with her potty and frustration begets more frustration. At this point I made the executive decision that neither of us were ready for this process and I stopped.

Three weeks later, I started again, with a better attitude and ready to potty train. I will be a pee-catching ninja this time. G was naked from the waist down again. I did a better job of making sure she was on the toilet ever thirty min or at least attempting. Also, when I left the house it was no diaper. Just had to be smart about my timing. Short trips at first, until G was OK using using the bathroom outside of the house. Couple weeks into this and G was doing great.

As an aside to this training is if possible making sure that whom ever is helping you with the care of your Little one needs to be on the same game plan. Just putting a diaper on other then nap or nighttime does lengthen this whole process.

Then we went to a super fun Birthday party and it was a disaster. G had like three accidents in two hours. Would not use their toilet. Just a crazy meltdown when the bathroom doorway was breached. I think just having such a good time with her friends she did not want to stop for anything. Lesson learned, just keep more change of clothes with me and more frequent trips to the bathroom.

Tools I had for G. First potty was an Elmo one which terrified her. We traded that model with a friend for a basic white one. This is what we kept wherever G was so she could immediately use it. Toddler insert to use on toilets when we were out using a public toilet or at families. One of my favorite buys was this toilet seat cover with a step-stool. Very easy to take off and put back on and the best part is G can use it without any help.

Undergarments were the last piece of this puzzle. OK these character underwear are very appealing to Little ones. I asked G which ones she wanted and she wanted them ALL! So we have like thirty pair of underwear now. For comparison sake. Carters had really nice underwear for toddlers but they do not have the fun characters on them. Target had a great selection of any princess underwear you could think of but the quality is not that great. Wrapping this up we also got a couple training underwear with a little padding in them.

Definitely a process for us. Took a few weeks before we were going days without any accidents. Probably OK for us to get our carpet cleaned now.

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