Potty Training AKA Schedule a carpet cleaning.

Couple months ago I had the great idea to start potty training G. Not sure why, she screamed whenever I mentioned her sitting on it. She couldn’t tell me if she needed to use the bathroom or even pull down/up her pants to go. Mom friends made potty training seem so easy though. How difficult can it really be to teach a little human to not pee their pants? Just give a mini piece of chocolate, make a potty dance or they will just want to use it on their own. Easy, shouldn’t take more then two days. DONE.

So, I did not read any special books or know what method I was going to use. I did watch one IG story highlight from Dr. Organic Mommy. This kinda gave me some good guidelines to follow and a lot of encouragement. Dr. Organic Mommy seemed like a potty training ninja and just gave it to me step-by-step what I needed to do. The other pre-potty tool I did was download this app on my phone for G to play with. It just kinda made the potty something fun. Full of knowledge, a tad bit naive and ready to go.

Start date was one random afternoon. Naked from the waist down, here-we-go. Not as many accidents as I expected and G really liked all of the praise she was getting. So like her Mama, words of affirmation for the WIN. G, also thought it was super cool to dump it all in the toilet. Diaper back on at bedtime. The first day seemed to be successful. Day two, so many accidents. I was over it by noon. Day three, same, so many accidents. G, wanted nothing to do with her potty and frustration begets more frustration. At this point I made the executive decision that neither of us were ready for this process and I stopped.

Three weeks later, I started again, with a better attitude and ready to potty train. I will be a pee-catching ninja this time. G was naked from the waist down again. I did a better job of making sure she was on the toilet ever thirty min or at least attempting. Also, when I left the house it was no diaper. Just had to be smart about my timing. Short trips at first, until G was OK using using the bathroom outside of the house. Couple weeks into this and G was doing great.

As an aside to this training is if possible making sure that whom ever is helping you with the care of your Little one needs to be on the same game plan. Just putting a diaper on other then nap or nighttime does lengthen this whole process.

Then we went to a super fun Birthday party and it was a disaster. G had like three accidents in two hours. Would not use their toilet. Just a crazy meltdown when the bathroom doorway was breached. I think just having such a good time with her friends she did not want to stop for anything. Lesson learned, just keep more change of clothes with me and more frequent trips to the bathroom.

Tools I had for G. First potty was an Elmo one which terrified her. We traded that model with a friend for a basic white one. This is what we kept wherever G was so she could immediately use it. Toddler insert to use on toilets when we were out using a public toilet or at families. One of my favorite buys was this toilet seat cover with a step-stool. Very easy to take off and put back on and the best part is G can use it without any help.

Undergarments were the last piece of this puzzle. OK these character underwear are very appealing to Little ones. I asked G which ones she wanted and she wanted them ALL! So we have like thirty pair of underwear now. For comparison sake. Carters had really nice underwear for toddlers but they do not have the fun characters on them. Target had a great selection of any princess underwear you could think of but the quality is not that great. Wrapping this up we also got a couple training underwear with a little padding in them.

Definitely a process for us. Took a few weeks before we were going days without any accidents. Probably OK for us to get our carpet cleaned now.

Picky Toddler Eating Tools

Listen, I am not here to tell you anything like I used this and now my child eats well balanced meals. My G, is a little stinker when it comes to eating and she always has been. Her father is a pretty picky eater so I am sure her idiosyncrasies about food are from him. I, on the other hand do not really care what is being served, as long as I have a piece of chocolate each night. What I would like to do is share some product reviews and influences that I have found over the past two years.

EzPz, I saw on Shark Tank. Yes, I am a sucker for cools product I find on that show. G, got this when she was about a year old. Supposedly, this product create a suction to the surface it is set on so children make less of a mess. G, could lift it up and dump it before I could blink an eye. The reason I purchased it was to have something she could not move around. O-well. Did not work for us at all. The concept is pretty cool. Perhaps if I had a more obedient child this could have worked.

EzPz mini Mat

Planet Box, Rover, was purchased because my little G is a very distracted eater and picky. Meaning if we are out, anywhere she will most likely not eat anything, too distracted by everything happening around her. This box allowed me to pack a meal for her to eat on the way or to have on the way home. Fortunately, these are made so well, G can probably use them in college. They have super neat accessories, great size compartments, an awesome bag to put the box in which has a ice pack perfect ice pack pouch as an add on. Bonus, they come with some pretty awesome magnets to put on the outside of the box. I really, really, like them. Waite for a sale because they are a little pricey. Not going to lie. Kinda want one for myself.

Food picks, are a super awesome find, which I discovered from one of my Instagram obsessions. G, thought they were cool for a couple of days but then just wanted to use her regular fork. I think when she is school she will probably be more entertained by them. That being said another toddler that hangs out with us at times wanted to be “spoon” fed. When he was shown how to use them, game on, totally loved them and started to feed himself. School age kids would love these in their lunches, they are great tools to have and are super fun.

Mini Cutters and Food Picks

Cute mini cutters . Fun shapes to make food interesting for little. Well, G is not amused by this either. Gosh, I wish she was because I am totally that Mom that wants to make a food pictograph for her everyday. Maybe when she starts school she will be more into it. These are very adorable, really easy to use. G likes to cut different foods with them. Just not interested in eating the food she cuts with them.

Three Instagram sites which have helped me along the way with this toddler meal time are Kids.eat.in.color, lalalunchbox and Chief Spice Mama. I will have the links to all of these fabulous ladies below and links to all the products mentioned. Happy Meal Times Everyone!

How DockATot saved a piece of my sanity

G, has always been on a schedule. It carried over from bringing her home from the NICU and I am just a happier person with a schedule. Everything was great until G was about two months. This “witching hour” happened, except it was not an hour. It was like four to five hours a night. Then G would sleep for maybe three hours. Change, feed, sleep routine, over and over all night long. At the time this started, G was sleeping in a bassinet next to us. This arrangement was not allowing my husband or I any sleep. Thinking back on this season how do us new Moms get so much done on such few hours of sleep?

Many hours were spent scouring though Mom Blogs. About a month into searching and trying out different products I decided I needed a DockATot, like, that day. Unfortunately, not many stores at the time carried them in my area. DockATot website and Amazon would have been great but I needed it yesterday. I called a local kids boutique and they had ONE. Hallelujah. I begged for them to hold it for me and drove right over to buy it. My husband had chest pain when he went to pay for it but he could tell in my eyes how important this was for me.

This is what my DockATot Looks like after two and a half years and three babies.

First night, OMG it lived up to all of my expectations. G went from sleeping two and a half, maybe three hours at a time to five hours straight. This became both of our BFF for sleep.

G was in the deluxe size until about nine months and she started rolling out of it. I upgraded to the Grand and it is still her bed to this day. Pretty sure she could sleep in it until she is four if she wants to. No, I have not tried to have her sleep a night without it. Kinda feel like, “if it is not broke, don’t fix it.” Yes, this is probably overboard but refer to my previous statement.

After two years of use every single night. Slight stain at the top from baby drool.

Every child is different. What one may need to provide them with a comfortable nights sleep is not the same for another. We (us parents) all have our own methods on how this works for us. DockATot was a huge help for this sleep deprived Mom. Two years and an upgraded size later, knowing G has the security of her bed at home and when we travel is huge for me. This is always a top recommendation when people ask me what are the must haves for a new baby.

Size comparison

Just a note on how I clean ours. Usually wash our DockATot once a week. Just take out the padding, and wash on delicate cycle. I do put ours in the dryer until it is almost completely dry and air dry the rest of the way. Takes less then five min to put back together after washing. A stain devolved after months of use under where G rests her head. Not a big deal to me so I never did anything to remove it. Refer to the manufacture guidelines for the best results.

Current sleep situation for G. Yes, she wants her bed on the floor. One night she just decided that is where she wanted to sleep and loves it. Whatever works.

The DockATot site has a list of retailers if you wanted to check it out in person before purchasing. I have noticed them being sold in Target. The DockATot website has the best selection of covers if you wanted to change them out or if you need replacement parts. A link to purchase on Amazon and the DockATot website are below.

Progression of G’s diaper bag

Gosh, this one brings back a lot of memories. Memories of all the preparation that went into the arrival of G. Creating the baby registry, checking out all of the product reviews, checking all the lists twice. Planning is my element so I love this kinda stuff. I think for a lot of new Moms the diaper bag is kind of a big deal. That handbag you used every day is being traded in for a bag that is basically a mini nursery. So you want it cute, functional and comfortable.

This Black and White Bag from Hip Cub was my first diaper bag. It is made of this great canvas material, colors are super cute. The strap is wide, comfortable as a cross body or just on your shoulder. I think it can also be worn as a back pack but I never tried. The included changing pad is really nice, gives a nice padded space to work with when changing on the go. Pockets work great for fitting all of the necessities. This bag is really enough but in my crazy new Mom mind I needed something larger.

Hip Cub diaper bag found on Amazon. See link below

Next comes JuJuBe. Super cute print which I had seen on the backpack style one of my friends used and just loved it. When the bag arrived I was so excited to have all of this extra room and kinda of overwhelmed with all of this extra room. What ended up happening is I could fit so much I was getting lost in my diaper bag when I needed something. That being said the features, like hardware, fabric, insulated pockets, changing bag are all hands down the BEST quality you could find. Fabric is extremely easy to clean and the bag is light weight for its size. Perfect for you if you travel a lot or a parent of multiples.

Lily Jade Co became a secret social media crush of mine. Kinda missed having a handbag. Every time I would see it pop up on my feed I thought, that is too dang expensive, do not even think about it. So I just kept dreaming. Then a friend of mine bought one and it is even more adorable in person. Mission on! I waited for a while until the bag I wanted went on sale. Madeline arrived perfectly packaged and looking dreamy. The insert really makes this bag super convenient. Take it out to stock it, leave the insert with babysitter and take the bag with you. Changing pad fits nicely in the insert but I have never been able to get it into its original state. The strap can be to wear as a cross body bag or backpack. Personally, I have always just worn it as a backpack. Leather is soft, easy to wipe clean and just beautiful.

Before I went back to work I got my husband a little, “Dad-care package.” It had a super cool Dad diaper bag, fully stocked and a pretty awesome carrier for him to use with G. He was pretty happy and it is still tricking it out with new patches. This Tactical Baby Gear bag has some nice pockets and compartments, changing pad is really cute. Strap to wear it either as a shoulder bag or cross body bag. Very rugged and durable bag, cool features and some neat add accessories can be added to the bag as well. When you visit the site check out their teddy bear with the changeable patches. Adorable gift idea.

Tactical Baby Gear

That sums up the evolution of G’s diaper bag. Check out the list below with links to the bags mentioned.