Midwest Gal in Cali

G and I 2016 taken by I Love Harmony Photography

Motherhood and I met later in life. I have no doubt that was supposed to be my plan all along. What G has taught me about life is beyond any words I could write. Which is great because I am obviously not a great writer.

The moment I met G, it felt as if, I had never actually taken a breath in my life, until I heard her sweet voice. My heart was so overwhelmed with joy, love, fear and so much patience. G, has definitely made me a better human. Allowed me to slow down and enjoy moments, smile at people when I pass them and belly laugh more than ever before. G loves me through all of the mistakes I make trying to be her best Mom.

I am not all natural or all organic or all anything but I do try to make educated choices. Pretty sure my husband is over me saying, “study’s say.” Some days we just eat candy and chips all day and some days we have three well balanced meals with two snacks. Some days we watch TV or G will play on my phone 30 min a day and some times six hours.

I am a Wife, Mom, have a full-time job, just trying to figure things out through one mistake at a time. Along the way, I have found some products which have totally been amazing and some that I wish I would have not spent any money on. Hope you enjoy the reviews and personal stories which accompany them.

-Midwest Gal in Cali