Progression of G’s diaper bag

Gosh, this one brings back a lot of memories. Memories of all the preparation that went into the arrival of G. Creating the baby registry, checking out all of the product reviews, checking all the lists twice. Planning is my element so I love this kinda stuff. I think for a lot of new Moms the diaper bag is kind of a big deal. That handbag you used every day is being traded in for a bag that is basically a mini nursery. So you want it cute, functional and comfortable.

This Black and White Bag from Hip Cub was my first diaper bag. It is made of this great canvas material, colors are super cute. The strap is wide, comfortable as a cross body or just on your shoulder. I think it can also be worn as a back pack but I never tried. The included changing pad is really nice, gives a nice padded space to work with when changing on the go. Pockets work great for fitting all of the necessities. This bag is really enough but in my crazy new Mom mind I needed something larger.

Hip Cub diaper bag found on Amazon. See link below

Next comes JuJuBe. Super cute print which I had seen on the backpack style one of my friends used and just loved it. When the bag arrived I was so excited to have all of this extra room and kinda of overwhelmed with all of this extra room. What ended up happening is I could fit so much I was getting lost in my diaper bag when I needed something. That being said the features, like hardware, fabric, insulated pockets, changing bag are all hands down the BEST quality you could find. Fabric is extremely easy to clean and the bag is light weight for its size. Perfect for you if you travel a lot or a parent of multiples.

Lily Jade Co became a secret social media crush of mine. Kinda missed having a handbag. Every time I would see it pop up on my feed I thought, that is too dang expensive, do not even think about it. So I just kept dreaming. Then a friend of mine bought one and it is even more adorable in person. Mission on! I waited for a while until the bag I wanted went on sale. Madeline arrived perfectly packaged and looking dreamy. The insert really makes this bag super convenient. Take it out to stock it, leave the insert with babysitter and take the bag with you. Changing pad fits nicely in the insert but I have never been able to get it into its original state. The strap can be to wear as a cross body bag or backpack. Personally, I have always just worn it as a backpack. Leather is soft, easy to wipe clean and just beautiful.

Before I went back to work I got my husband a little, “Dad-care package.” It had a super cool Dad diaper bag, fully stocked and a pretty awesome carrier for him to use with G. He was pretty happy and it is still tricking it out with new patches. This Tactical Baby Gear bag has some nice pockets and compartments, changing pad is really cute. Strap to wear it either as a shoulder bag or cross body bag. Very rugged and durable bag, cool features and some neat add accessories can be added to the bag as well. When you visit the site check out their teddy bear with the changeable patches. Adorable gift idea.

Tactical Baby Gear

That sums up the evolution of G’s diaper bag. Check out the list below with links to the bags mentioned.