Two Sweet – Donut grow-up Birthday

Hopefully, you have already checked out my post about the fiasco that occurred during G’s first Birthday party? Well, I may have learned a few lessons from the fist one. My husband and I were not in agreement for the theme of our G’s second birthday party. Which, is probably why, the struggle of this party started early on for me. I wanted, Two Legit and he wanted, Princess Sofia. As his wife I am willing to compromise. Neither of us got our way. Haha.

Lets start with some basics. Invites were just a free evite template. This site is super easy to use, keep track of RSVPs. Bonus, those to attend the party can share their photos with the group. Facebook invite has a similar feature. Good old text or email works just as well these days.

The party was at MyGym, again. Honestly, I wanted to have G’s Birthday some place different but where we live their is not much to choose from. This time around I opted for an additional 30 min for the party to have some more play time and some more time for everyone to eat and enjoy dessert. Second time having a party there and I have to say that the staff definitely make the party. This party just seemed to drag on, yet it was over quickly if that can possibly make any sense. Our first party was super interactive and the room was consistently changing. This party was just kind of an open gym until I told one of the staff we were ready to start having everyone eat and the party was over.

Adorable Pink tutu found on Amazon. Link below

Decorations were a combination of Amazon and Etsy. Table cloth, napkins with little Donuts were from Amazon. Two, cake topper was used to decorate the donut platter I found from a super cute shop on Etsy. We also had a cute sign that was totally hidden so no one could see it. The banner said Donut grow up two fast. Unfortunately, absolutely no photos were taken of the banner. It is absolutely adorable and really well made. I kept it as a keep sake from her party.

Matching t-shirts again because they were so stinking adorable the first time around. G’s t-shirt said Two Sweet. The rest of the families shirts said, Donut Grow-up. But this time, I couldn’t convince my family to take part in the matching shirt part of the party. So, G and I, sported our cute shirts together. One of our family friends took my husbands and my step-daughters is hanging in her closet never worn. Bummer.

MyGym Birthday Party

What food to serve was a struggle for me this time around. Seriously, I stress over food to much for any party. I wanted something different but not too expensive. The party planner at MyGym kept suggesting pizza. Pizza is quick, convenient and most everyone will enjoy it. Here is what the menu consisted of; a veggie platter, baked individual bags of chips, fruit tray, pizza. Water and Honest fruit drinks for the beverages. The best part was all the kids got McDonald’s Happy Meals !!!!!

Amazon Link below for table cloth and pink tutu

Here is the details on that in case you didn’t know. I called McDonald’s the day before the party to place an order. Just gave them what we were going to order, what time it needed to be ready and my contact information. An hour before the party, I called them again, to make sure everything was a go. The manager just asked that I call when i was on my way so the fries would be fresh. Those Kids faces full of smiles and belly’s full of food from those silly happy meals. To give myself some credit I did put what food was being served on the invite so parents could bring their own food if needed.

Dessert was you guessed it, DONUTS!!! Lesson learned from this is do not display the donuts and then expect the children to just look at them. Heck it was difficult for me to not just dive in and eat one. G, had one before the party, during the party and for her birthday dessert. Well, G did not really eat the donut just had the sprinkles off of three of them. Yes, some days we go overboard on sweets.

Cake Topper found on Etsy GlitterPartyDecor

As I mentioned in my last Birthday post, a photographer or designated photo taker, is really nice to have. It is so nice to have memories with my friends with their children and not have to worry about taking my phone out to take a picture. And it is kinda nice to have some photos with you in them. ‘Cause we all know Mom is usually the one taking them not in them.

Links to the items I found for G’s Two Sweet, Donut Grow-Up Birthday party are below. Happy Party Planning!

Wild ONE! First Birthday Party

Here is a recap of Baby G’s First Birthday Celebration. To say I went a little overboard is being super nice. After G was born, I would tell friends, if this girl asks me for a Unicorn I am buying her one. Hence, the party theme. Unicorn everything. My wild ONE!

Photo Credit Sonia Stewart Photography

Our party was at local MyGym. If you have never heard of it, just picture a very colorful, kid proof gym. They have a lot of fun activities for children from ages newborn to maybe 5. MyGym has relatively reasonable party packages. Better believe you can add on just about anything for the party at an additional cost. Best part, everything is pretty much done for you except for food and beverages. If you bring in the decorations ahead of time the staff will take care of that. The staff creates a really entertaining age appropriate party for the kids. Which gives everyone over the age of childhood some time to socialize or just sit back and enjoy the party. Depending on how you set-up your party the last 30-20 min are just for eating some pizza (or what ever you bring) and a birthday dessert. That part of the party is usually rushed. So pay for extra time if you want more time for the kids to eat or have less time to eat and more gym time.

Some of our party details. Invites, were done using a simple design I found on evites. Believe me, I wanted the gold embossed Fairy tail Unicorn cards on Tinyprints but I restrained myself.

Here comes the Over the Top portions of the party. Of course, my family needed to have matching t-shirts (Insert eye roll). I found this super cute shop on etsy called Bitty and Boho to make our shirts. The shop has a lot of adorable designs and the owners are really easy to work with if you have a custom design in mind. Not sure what the printing technique is but the shirts turned out amazing. Obviously, that was not enough. Myself, step-daughter and toddler all needed matching crowns to wear for the party. The crowns really did turn out beautiful. Another etsy find a little shop called Mason and Harlow. I will probably keep these crowns forever.

Unicorn crown by Mason and Harlow
Photo credit I love Harmony Photography
Bitty and Boho custom designed shirts

Photo Credit Sonia Stewart Photography

Remember, I mentioned that the eating portion of the party is can be rushed. Our menu included pizza, veggies, fruit cups, popcorn with a blue and pink drizzle (tasted really gross) and maybe some other chips but I just know we had a lot left over. Just keep in mind everyone has like 20 min to eat.

Birthday dessert were mini cupcakes which were decorated like mini unicorns. These little gems were custom made for us from shop called Tiffany’s Sweet Spot. Seriously, so delicious and well worth the cost for this custom order.

Tiffany’s Sweet Spot

Photo Credit Sonia Stewart Photography

All of this, for a ninety minute party, Yes. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I hired a professional photographer to take photos during the party. My girl Sonia Stewart Photography came through like a boss. I would have to say having Sonia there was the one of the best decisions I made for G’s Birthday Party. In the future, if we are not able to have a photographer, I would just designate someone to take an obscene amount of photos during the party. It was just a treat to have images of everything that was happening and a nice memory to be able to share with our guest too.

That is it….Wrong. Gift bags because I CANT HELP MYSELF!!! Well, to give myself credit they did turn out cute. Bags included a coloring page, a rainbow crayon, pinwheel, and the most amazing Unicorn macaroon ever. These beauties were also from the talented Tiffany’s Sweet Spot all placed in brown handle bag with a Thank You note tied with a pink ribbon.

photo credit Sonia Stewart Photography

Definitely, a magical party for my little ONE year new Unicorn.