Picky Toddler Eating Tools

Listen, I am not here to tell you anything like I used this and now my child eats well balanced meals. My G, is a little stinker when it comes to eating and she always has been. Her father is a pretty picky eater so I am sure her idiosyncrasies about food are from him. I, on the other hand do not really care what is being served, as long as I have a piece of chocolate each night. What I would like to do is share some product reviews and influences that I have found over the past two years.

EzPz, I saw on Shark Tank. Yes, I am a sucker for cools product I find on that show. G, got this when she was about a year old. Supposedly, this product create a suction to the surface it is set on so children make less of a mess. G, could lift it up and dump it before I could blink an eye. The reason I purchased it was to have something she could not move around. O-well. Did not work for us at all. The concept is pretty cool. Perhaps if I had a more obedient child this could have worked.

EzPz mini Mat

Planet Box, Rover, was purchased because my little G is a very distracted eater and picky. Meaning if we are out, anywhere she will most likely not eat anything, too distracted by everything happening around her. This box allowed me to pack a meal for her to eat on the way or to have on the way home. Fortunately, these are made so well, G can probably use them in college. They have super neat accessories, great size compartments, an awesome bag to put the box in which has a ice pack perfect ice pack pouch as an add on. Bonus, they come with some pretty awesome magnets to put on the outside of the box. I really, really, like them. Waite for a sale because they are a little pricey. Not going to lie. Kinda want one for myself.

Food picks, are a super awesome find, which I discovered from one of my Instagram obsessions. G, thought they were cool for a couple of days but then just wanted to use her regular fork. I think when she is school she will probably be more entertained by them. That being said another toddler that hangs out with us at times wanted to be “spoon” fed. When he was shown how to use them, game on, totally loved them and started to feed himself. School age kids would love these in their lunches, they are great tools to have and are super fun.

Mini Cutters and Food Picks

Cute mini cutters . Fun shapes to make food interesting for little. Well, G is not amused by this either. Gosh, I wish she was because I am totally that Mom that wants to make a food pictograph for her everyday. Maybe when she starts school she will be more into it. These are very adorable, really easy to use. G likes to cut different foods with them. Just not interested in eating the food she cuts with them.

Three Instagram sites which have helped me along the way with this toddler meal time are Kids.eat.in.color, lalalunchbox and Chief Spice Mama. I will have the links to all of these fabulous ladies below and links to all the products mentioned. Happy Meal Times Everyone!