Little Bipsy W18 and beyond

This shop is a little too fabulous for their own good. Honestly, when first browsing the site I was just after their shoes which led me to a shirt, pair of joggers, jacket and you can kinda get where this is going. Do yourself a favor and sign-up for their VIP page on Facebook for exclusive discount codes.

Lets start from the top down. I would consider everything at Little Bipsy gender neutral. G, is on the short side, so everything is a little large on her and therefor usually lasts about a year, or more. Shirts overall have a stretch to them and are super soft and hold their shape. Button down shirts are I would say on the longer side which is nice when layering. The black and white stripe has been my favorite of the season. Overall FIT: I would say runs larger.

Rompers are another favorite at this shop. Now that G is no longer in diapers I have not purchase as many. The maroon one pichtured is great for cooler climates and keeps Little’s toasty warm. Snaps on the legs are nice for diaper changes. The material on everything is just beyond. Difficult to describe but when you buy your first item you will fall in love with how soft and comfy it feels. FIT: Really depends on the material for some reason. Henley style ran large and the thermal fit true to size.

Both the same size the Henley as you can see is a different length then the thermal.

Joggers have been a staple item for me this past winter. Super easy to pair with a sweatshirt with a t-shirt under, shirt and a vest or pretty much any combination you can think of. I am such a fan of these they even made it out to some Little’s as gifts this year. The color is accurate on the site. Black and purple have been the most worn this season. I would say that I prefer the thickness of the winter material over the spring. Both amazing but if I had to pick winter material was my favorite. FIT: Runs on the large side which is great to grow into.

Left is 18-24 Right is 2-3T

Jackets this year looked super cute on the site. I purchased four jackets. The vest, plaid, sport jacket, and cardigan. Vest, we purchased in brown and I kinda wish I would have went with the black or sliver. I just did not have as much to match with the brown as I thought I would. Cardigans are very soft and comfortable. Reminds me of like a sweatshirt jacket. I have used the black cardigan to wear over special occasion outfits and it looks great. Sport jacket is very stylish comes in some very cute colors. If I can be totally honest I set my expectations too high for this product. I thought I was going to be more like a varsity jacket and more of a structured material. That being said, this is one of my hitting the playground jackets and G wears it all of the time. Then their is this plaid jacket. Insert all the heart eye emoji. Honestly, I only purchased it because a great discount code was being offered to I thought why not. Seriously, so soft and warm it is like bundling G up in a blanket.

Little Bipsy has cute simple dresses for spring and summer. Snagged these up during a winter sale and will definitely get a lost of wear out of them this summer. FIT:This dress is about knee length

One last Honorable mention is the adult line. Little Bipsy T-shirts and sweatshirts have been my staples this winter. The t-shirt holds its shape has a super cute cut, looks great with jeans and leggings. Sweatshirt material is perfect for layering, not too heavy. I did purchase the joggers in two different sizes and just didn’t work for me.

Do yourself a favor, sign up to be a VIP on their Facebook site, get the Little Bipsy emails. Hope you enjoy your gems from Little Bipsy as much as I have.